How to prevent Facebook Phishing attacks

Never open a link that is suspicious to you.  And even if it is not suspicious, never go there and give your sensitive information.  By sensitive information, I mean bank account details, usernames, passwords.

 Most of the time attackers create fake pages in such a beautiful way that it is difficult to understand that it is a fake page.  Although they can’t control all of that page.  For example, they cannot use the original URL of that page

The site they targeted.  For example, if they want to create a phishing site on Facebook, they will never be able to use the original URL of Facebook. Their URL may be

Https: // www.  faceb00k.  com

Here they put 00 which looks like o.  We can easily be deceived and if we try to access it with our username and password, hackers will easily get our password.

Never rush.  Take a good look at the URL.  Hackers will try to make the URL look real. Never go to any link and give sensitive information before making sure that the URL is real.

The last thing you want to do is install software like firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware on your computer.  By doing these things you can protect yourself from pissing attacks.

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