Facebook Awareness

The most common problem people face on the internet right now is with their Facebook ID.

Sometimes someone copies someone’s ID, harasses them, or disables the ID by reporting it unnecessarily on someone else’s ID.

Then there are hackers who hack Facebook ID and blackmail the victim and hacker also use hacked ID  for marketing purposes.This reasons are that the ID has been damaged by others.

Then let’s say that the ID is disabled due to our own reasons, although I can’t say at all points, I will say the reasons in the light of what I have personally known and tried to solve.

  1. Posting and commenting a lot with the opening of a new ID makes the ID disabled.  So do everything slowly after opening the ID.

2. After that, many people do not have their own picture in the profile with full animation and other pictures, this is a weakness, so try to always give your own picture!

3. Try the same rule in case of name. It is better not to use any name unnecessarily before giving your own name.

4. Repeatedly sharing a video with an unreasonable link on Facebook, the ID may be disabled, so be careful.

5. Many people think that there is no problem in exchanging 18+ pictures or videos in the inbox, but only if the Facebook authorities.  If you can catch the video but your ID is likely to be disabled.

 6. Don’t post or share anything on Facebook, that is, 18+.

7 .  Many people are abusive in the comments. But if the Facebook authorities can catch that you have abusive, but your ID can be disabled.

8. If you have two Facebook accounts with the same picture with the same name, then all you have to do is leave different pictures in the IDs, otherwise any one ID will be disabled.  Many times the ID becomes disabled even if you don’t leave a different picture.

9.Never post pictures of international terrorists.  If you give ID will not take time to be disabled.

10. Do not share any of your personal information on Facebook.

11. Many people try it on their own after the ID is disabled.  In this case, if you have become an expert or have been able to understand what has been said, then try to get suggestions from experts.

After that, always try to make your password unique in terms of security.  The harder your password, the less likely it is that your ID will be hacked.  Understand how important a solid password is for your ID.

Most people have their password phone number, the last 6 letters of the phone number 1 to 8 with a common password that makes it easy for hackers to hack their ID.  Try turning on Toostep Verification.  Never rush into a link given by a stranger.  If you see the URL and think it is safe, then enter.  Don’t share any personal information with strangers. Thanks for taking the time to read some of these essentials.

I will try to highlight more later.

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