Cyber Security
By Xtrecy

In today's world Cyber Crime is a Common Problem. To Ensure your Security we are here to protect you from Cyber crime. Our Experts are 24/7 hour Online for you.

Data Protection

Data protection has never been more important. We are here to ensure that you are protecting the data that your customers trust you with.

Wifi and Internet Analysis

WiFi and Internet security is an important part of Cyber security. Hackers try to hack your WiFi or Internet device to enter your Eco system .

Mobile and Web App testing

If you Made a mobile or Web App and want to run a security check up Xtrecy is here for you. Complete Security check up.

Taking Down Private Video

If you think that your Private video is uploaded to the internet and you want to take that video down then you can contract with us.

Social Site Hacking Recovery

Social Site Hacking is Common problem, We solve Facebook, G mail, Instagram, Twitter Hacking Problem and so on.

Thread Detection

If you want to know that is your Computer or Network is safe or not . A thread detection service may help you to do that.